Positive Team

As a positive life team member, you will always come first! Imagine yourself working in an environment where your team will always have your back and help you grow. A team that works hard, and plays harder. A team that recognises the value of giving back. All team members of the Positive Life Group will have the option of volunteering, a couple of hours of their time, at the end of each month at a registered aged care facility located in Melbourne. This will be our Positive Life way of giving back.

Why choose us?

Great People

What makes us unique are the people. Our core values are aligned towards treating everyone with respect. Your success is our success.

Great Location

With our office located in the heart Melbourne CBD, you can be rest assured that all your needs are within walking distance. From public transport, to shopping malls, along with the best cafes and restaurants Melbourne has to offer.

Great Pay

Our Positive team are very well looked after when it comes to their pays. With a weekly wage plus commissions, your take home pay would be the envy of your friends and family.

Great Minds

With daily voluntary meditation sessions for our staff, our team at Positive Life Group are committed in doing their bit to help stamp out mental illness.

What you’ll need

  1. A positive Attitude
  2. An unquenchable desire to help the community
  3. Great Communication Skills
  4. Ability to work well in a team

Who Benefits

Everybody benefits! We are an inclusive company, and Positive Life employees all share the desire for an opportunity to call the shots in their life, be counted, feel valued, and earn a great living without ever feeling like your position is under threat.

We’ll provide you with

  1. Help and support at hand: we’ll provide all your training, and a dedicated Team Leader is always there to assist you.
  2. Top quality customer data to help connect you with people who are interested and need your services.
  3. A quality safety net: for compliance reasons we monitor all calls, but what that means is that even if you make a mistake, it’s reversible! We’re able to identify it, and together we can fix it.
  4. State-of-the-art digital software that’s easy to learn and use.
  5. Great office space.
  6. Daily meditation and mindfulness sessions.
  7. A worry free workspace and friends for life.

How Does It Work

Positive Life employees work off a dialer that's very easy to use. This dialer will ensure all calls are screened and the data you receive is vetted. This will help ensure you aren’t making any personal calls (sorry) or calling anyone on the ACMA Do Not Call Register (we’d rather not get fined). All sales or leads go through internal quality checks, and if needed you’ll receive feedback in real time to help you continually improve your skills. We then share your hard work with our partner companies. And that’s pretty much it!

Jobs On Offer

Inbound Customer Service

Lead Generation

Warm Outbound Sales

Inbound Sales

Cold Outbound Sales

Appointment Setting