Positive Partner

Positive Life Group is your trusted partner in lead generation and sales. We give every ounce of our blood, sweat and tears into the success of your campaign. Your success is our success, which is why when you consider the Positive Life Group as your channel partner, you get yourself a 100% Australian workforce, more than two decades worth of experience managing your campaign, and a service guarantee on every lead or sale done.

Why choose us?

Australian owned and operated

Studies also show that customers are more satisfied with services from an Australian customer service, or sales rep, than from overseas ones.

Save costs

By using an outsourced contact center solution, you can be rest assured that your overheads would be low by saving on expenses such as recruitment, workspace, utilities etc

Quality Guaranteed

All our sales and leads generation services are guaranteed in terms of quality. Never pay for a bad lead or a poor-quality sale again.

Curated Data Lists

Being in the industry for more than 18 years, we mine more than 7 million highly responsive unique contact numbers within Australia, giving us the best odds for a successful campaign.

Our Services

We partner with clients to design cost-effective, high-performance customer acquisition, or customer service strategies tailored to their needs. Our database of over 8 million verified contacts is rigorously maintained and constantly segmented into precision-curated lists, in full compliance with ACMA standards. Our data helps us provide sales-ready leads who are likely to be interested in your business, and primed to engage in conversation. But what we pride ourselves most on is our ability to provide a quality customer experience at every touchpoint — our clients never pay for a bad lead or poor quality sale — and this is our guarantee to help create a long and happy customer lifecycle and long-term sustainable growth.

Customer Service

We look after any inbound calls your company may need.

Inbound Sales

We are result-orientated to help achieve customer sales

Lead Generation

We help generate new leads and build databases for you.

Warm Outbound Sales

We can make the call back to customers to see through the resolution.

Cold Outbound Sales

We can make the tough cold calls and help close those sales for you.

Appointment Setting

We can manage appointments to help build future sales.

Our Service Guarantee

Choosing an Australian owned and operated contact centre like Positive Life guarantees every call is free of any risks associated with offshore call centres. Offshore call centres are not only difficult for customers to deal with, but have a high risk of data theft, as there are no Australian telemarketing laws covering them.

Every call at Positive Life is recorded and checked by our Quality Control team, ensuring they are up to the ACMA standards giving our clients peace of mind for every call. CALL US NOW 1300 717 450