I've been living out of home for a while now, and it's not always easy balancing full-time study while holding down a job that covers rent and living expenses. Positive Life Group gave me the flexibility in shift times, and offered me a part time role so that I could manage both. I joke with friends that Positive Life is my secret power, because it lets me earn more than some of my friends do, even though they have full time jobs. I’ve never been shy of a good chat, so turning that skill towards outbound sales calls was easy.


As a new mother, going back to work was as important as it was complicated. The team at Positive Life have always been so understanding and have offered me flexible shift times to accommodate for any unforeseen circumstances. I’ve never felt like my job was under threat, and I love coming in and being a part of such a high achieving team!


I know some people thrive in office environments, but with my anxiety, I always found it hard to perform at my best. The daily meditation sessions at Positive Life have helped me tremendously. This is the only company I’ve worked at that have focussed so heavily on the mental health of their employees and have incorporated various different steps to manage our performance effectively. Can’t thank them enough.

Kassim, Consultant

After coming out of retirement, and applying for jobs over a span of a year, my daughter referred me to the Positive Life Group. When I went in for my interview, I could tell I was one of the oldest people there, but to my surprise, I was welcomed into the company with open arms. I work in a team where most of my teammates are around the same age as my grandchildren, but the team treat me just as their friend, and are so supportive. I’ve never felt uneasy working here, and somehow, they go above and beyond to ensure I flourish. Thank you positive life for giving this grandma a go.

Janet, #